All Hail Emperor Chang

Deposing One-Eyed Deng

Wherein An Yu fights Deng Zhi to the death in a bloody battle, Loyal Ju takes a horrendous beating, and Shun and Xue beat up the guards (at least those who aren’t busy chasing Chang).


We haven’t had a Destiny award for this session yet, and we have not yet nominated Deeds for the various characters.

My nominations:
Xue: Justice for attempting to organize a revolt (which would have been poetic justice)
An Yu: Force for defeating Deng
Ju: Righteousness for striving greatly in the combat, and failing despite it

Deposing One-Eyed Deng

Shun Force for defeating minions

5 destiny

Deposing One-Eyed Deng
Midnotion Midnotion

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