All Hail Emperor Chang

Go collect rocks

The old man sent us out to collect the Million Style Manual for him. Probably just trying to get us out of his hair for a while. Not that I can blame him.

We went and talked to Yao Chang – he suggested we go talk to Deng Zhi, and kindly put us up for the night. On our way, we ran into some farmers who complained of a night raid by some one-eyed bandits. We looked around, but in the end couldn’t identify the guilty party.

Deng refused to accept a challenge – his piece against ours – and his asking price was just too high. In the end, he offered to sell us some information, once he’d had time to collect it. We’ll have to check back with him later.

4 destiny
Shun: Loyalty
Ju: Obsession
An Yu: Force
Yi Xue: Individualism


Midnotion Midnotion

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