All Hail Emperor Chang

Lands of the Dead

10 Destiny

Xue & An Yu Loyalty for cooperation
Shun Justice for punching the sign

Xue Altruism for not telling barbarians about the planned graverobbing
An Yu Ruthlessness for looking Girard to the graverobbing
Shun Altruism for asking for the rune rather than just graverobbing

Forging an uncomfortable alliance

3 Destiny

Xue Obsession for the focus on the tablets
Shun Loyalty for sticking to the mission
An Yu Benevolence for food

Brow Beating Battle

Xue appoints Loyal Ju as champion, and then she gets shot at a lot until she falls over. We win anyway.

5 Destiny

Ju Loyalty for continuing the fight even though it was obvious she’d lose
Xue Individualism for sending the most expendable champion (Ju)
Shun Righteousness for letting them throw the first punch
An Yu Force for punching out the guard on watch

The Haunted House on the Hill

Ju, An Yu, and Xue kept seeing things that weren’t there. We found a tablet and rescued most of a family from being consumed by the hill.

6 Destiny
Ju Ferocity for putting Chang to sleep
Shun Obsession for Lasagna
Xue Justice for sacrificing the hero
An Yu Loyalty for chasing after Ju

Negotiating with Greedy "Donald Trump" Yip and Bloody Mei

3 Destiny

Loyal Ju: Loyalty for sticking with her sworn duty to guard Shun
An Yu: Righteousness for her impressive Grace in dealing with Bloody Mei
Xue: Ruthlessness for sucking up to Greedy Yip
Shun: Obsession for wanting to read all the books in the library

General Pu

We consolidated Deng’s lands, condemning Deng to a blinding and banishment. Several of his guards were banished too.

Hired Wei Pu as general of the new province, which An You is acting governor for.

Deposing One-Eyed Deng

Wherein An Yu fights Deng Zhi to the death in a bloody battle, Loyal Ju takes a horrendous beating, and Shun and Xue beat up the guards (at least those who aren’t busy chasing Chang).

Leashing Promiscuous Chang

5 Destiny

Yi Xue Force
Loyal Ju Individualism
Wang Shun Loyalty

Go collect rocks

The old man sent us out to collect the Million Style Manual for him. Probably just trying to get us out of his hair for a while. Not that I can blame him.

We went and talked to Yao Chang – he suggested we go talk to Deng Zhi, and kindly put us up for the night. On our way, we ran into some farmers who complained of a night raid by some one-eyed bandits. We looked around, but in the end couldn’t identify the guilty party.

Deng refused to accept a challenge – his piece against ours – and his asking price was just too high. In the end, he offered to sell us some information, once he’d had time to collect it. We’ll have to check back with him later.

4 destiny
Shun: Loyalty
Ju: Obsession
An Yu: Force
Yi Xue: Individualism


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